The name Let's Communicate is the result of a play with Leticia’s name, who is often called "Let", especially by non-native Portuguese speakers. And with these letters we managed to make an invite: Let's! From then on, it was easy to include “communicate” because communication is the core and tool of the company.

The brand's symbol is a vascular plant commonly found in New Zealand, the fern. Present in tropical forests, it is also found in Leticia’s home country, making a connection between Brazil and New Zealand. Although very common, the fern has several different species. And like the fern, we believe that Communication can be done in a variety of ways. The fern has a lot of water inside, which facilitates its proliferation. In the same way, we believe that a well-done Communication can generate many good fruits and growth.

The colours were chosen according to the brand's flexibility, bringing different possibilities in strategy, planning and communication offers, in a personalised way. The colours are applied in the symbol according to the need to be specific, to vary the communication and its area of ​​activity. The natural shades of green are complemented with shades of pink to bring warmth, humanisation and shades of blue that bring security, expansion and depth. Essentially, this combination delivers lightness, modernity and versatility into the institutional universe.

The logo was designed to represent creativity, clarity and experience: everything that Let’s Communicate has and can offer.